Author Interview with Sharon Karaa

Another week, another interview. This week I have the pleasure of interviewing my first English author, Sharon. Her wicked sense of humour is evident from the word go. I’ll be delving into her books very soon, as should you. Enjoy!


  1. When did you first realise that you wanted to become a writer?

When I was five and got a pencil stuck up my nose. Only kidding! I was first published at the age of 15 – I had an exceptionally brilliant English teacher who submitted my stories to a publisher in London. I had some poems published by a vanity press in my twenties but didn’t write my first novel until two years ago (notice I’m giving you no hints about my age?!?!). I wanted to have a bit of life experience before I attempted a full novel. I’ve skirted the question, haven’t I? Oops! All my life, would be the answer!


  1. What novels/works have you released and what are you working on now?

I’ve released five books so far and I’m working (not so hard!) on the sixth. All of my books are paranormal romantic comedies as I do love a laugh. My husband thinks I’m bonkers because I frequently laugh at myself whilst I’m writing. I love writing paranormal comedies because – let’s face it – wouldn’t we all like to be able to turn some toe-rag into a frog?


My series of three is Northern Witches – stories about witches, demons and angels. Each book is about a different person but the common thread is the friendships, the bickering and the scrapes they get into! The first in the series, The Last Challenge, was my first published book and is Lauren’s story. She is the last witch in her line and faces a challenge by three damned souls. If she loses, she goes to Hell and they get a free pass to roam the earth. Her only defence? Her ancestor, Agnes, who’s been dead for 400 years, but makes a mean hangover cure and loves G-strings.
Bite the Big One is the first in another series (I’m currently writing the second!). Jen see’s dead people and her best friend is a witch. A bad witch. Not evil, she just never seems to get it right, and when Jen’s ideal man turns up in her life, she’s sure Becky is behind it.
My latest release is Stupid Cupid and this tells the story of Bella who is madly in love with a man who doesn’t know she exists – haven’t we all been there? She finds a magic ring that allows her to see things she shouldn’t, Cupid being one of them, and she smacks him with her handbag when he points his tiny arrow at her beloved. Unfortunately, someone has to take his place and that someone is her!


  1. I’m a new author. Tell me how to achieve my goal?

Write. Every day. Carry a pencil or a device with you where-ever you go because you never know when inspiration will strike! Secondly, get a good editor and trust them! Join forums like KDP and KBoards. Read the posts, seek advice from the members. There are some lovely, lovely people who will help you more than you know but you have to be willing to listen and take constructive criticism. Leading me on nicely to my next bit of advice – grow a thick skin! Not everyone will love your babies (and by that I mean your literary masterpieces!). Don’t be offended – wouldn’t it be a boring world if we all liked the same thing? Finally, you need to spend as much time marketing your book as you did writing it! Don’t skimp, there are over four million ebooks on Amazon – you need to put in the elbow grease if you want yours noticed!


  1. Is there anyone who has influenced your writing?

Yep – the list is so long! Terry Pratchett is my all-time hero, but authors like Robyn Peterman and Tara West will have you wetting your knickers.


  1. What makes you sit down and want to share your stories?

I like to make people happy.  I’m a people pleaser (unfortunately its in the genes!).  I’ve always made up stories for my nephews and neices and while they may have been being kind, they laughed!  It is addictive.


  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a full time author (crikey, I love saying that!) but was previously a software development manager. I left my full-time position in October so that I could focus on my books. I’m from the North East of England (the friendliest city in the country!) and I live in a village just outside of Newcastle with my lovely husband. He still won’t let me have a cat. I’ve now started asking for a snake and I’m hoping he’ll negotiate.




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