Author interview with Dylan J Morgan


Another week, another interview. This week I have the pleasure of speaking to multi published, multi genre author Dylan J Morgan. His books are on the darker side of the spectrum. They all look well worth a read too. I will let him take you up his nice flight of steps, into his dark world.

Tell us a little bit about yourself to get us started:

I am the author of five novels, three novellas, and a short story collection, all in the field of horror and post-apocalyptic fiction. Now living and working in Norway, he was born in New Zealand and raised in the United Kingdom. He writes during those rare quiet moments amid a hectic family life: after dark, with limited sustenance, and when his creative essence is plagued the most by tormented visions. If you’re searching for that light at the end of the tunnel then stop looking—you won’t find it here.


1. When did you first realise that you wanted to become a writer?

Probably when I was in my early teens and I used to staple pieces of paper together to make a “book” and then wrote the stories of movies I’d just watched. I realized I enjoyed it, and started adding my own parts to the “movie” story. Then when I got to reading proper books it gave me the itch to try writing my own stories and things just took off from there. This is something I am: I’m an author, it’s in my blood, these tormented visions are in my mind, and I need to write to stop myself from exploding.

2. What novels/works have you released and what are you working on now?

I currently have nine books available exclusively on Amazon. I have three horror novels: Hosts, Flesh, and The Sickness. I have a post-apocalyptic novel, The Dead Lands. I have a trilogy of horror novellas called the Blood War Trilogy, and a recently re-released sci-fi novella titled October Rain. In addition I have a collection of nineteen previously published short stories in a book called Dominio della Morte. My primary writing focus these past few months has been final edits on my newly finished post-apocalyptic novel, The Dead City, which is the sequel to The Dead Lands and will be released in September of this year. I have already tentatively started on a new novella, which is currently untitled and will probably involve demons and a plague of the dead. In addition, I have about three or four fledging ideas for future books that are still developing in my mind, so we’ll see which one takes root first. Thankfully, I’m not stopping for a while yet.

3. I’m a new author. Tell me how to achieve my goal?

Keep reading and keep writing. I think everyone has their own way of researching and creating their stories, everyone has their own methods, be it outlining or winging it, but every author who has ever gotten a book published, every author who has ever written a best seller or made writing a career, they all have one thing in common: they keep writing and they keep reading.

4. Is there anyone who has influenced your writing?

At the start it was definitely Stephen King. His were the first stories that got me into the horror genre, and I’m sure that’s a standard answer to most authors when asked that question. Books such as Salem’s Lot, Pet Cemetery, and The Shining, were my diet when I started writing seriously. I discovered Dean Koontz, and found he had an awesome descriptive way with words that has probably influenced the way I describe things in my own stories. I don’t read them much anymore, as most of the books I wish to read now are from my peers, those independent authors who I share this solitary little world with.

5. What makes you sit down and want to share your stories?

Refer back to the final section of question 1. I’d explode if I didn’t write my stories. Not literally, obviously, but the ideas I have don’t go away, they circle in my mind and infest my waking thoughts, and I’m sure I’d go mad if I allowed them to remain there forever. I need to write to get the ideas and images out of my head. I figure why not publish them and make a little bit of money, however small that would be. This writing thing keeps me away from my family, from my kids, so I should get something back for that sacrifice, right? I’ve been fortunate in that people have actually enjoyed what I’ve written.

6. If you could be a character from one of your favourite novels, who would it be, and why?

I’m not really sure I’d want to be anybody from my stories, in all honesty. Anyone who has read any of my stuff will know that the vast majority of my characters are flawed, tormented people, who have all manner of horror and gruesomeness thrust upon them. Sure, some of them were happy once, some might even get laid, but the chances are they’ll all end up hurting, in agony, or even dead. Yeah, best not to be a character in a Dylan J. Morgan story.


Best regards Dylan


Twitter: @dylanjmorgan

Member of the Horror Writers Association.



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