Author interview with Dustin John


Hi. Another interview is ready to hit the blog. This week I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Dustin John.

He’s a guy that has had more challenges thrown at him in thirty or so years, than most folk have in a lifetime. Although challenged, Dustin has a core of steel that enabled him to defy the odds and escape the dark days of his past. He currently resides in southern Utah with his wife and many a scaly beast.

His book, A Walk In His Shoes, is available on Amazon and has received fabulous reviews.

Hi Dustin

  1. When did you first realise that you wanted to become a writer?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. It was a way for me to express what I had locked inside my head, but was never accurate enough in voicing my thoughts. I needed a “thought extruder.” Writing is a magnifying prism that paints my thoughts out in a stream of radiant colors. Even better than an extruder. Writing is human thought on steroids.

  1. What novels/works have you released and what are you working on now?

On December 04, 2015 I released my first novel titled “A Walk in His Shoes”. A memoir that I wrote alongside my late father. The book details my decade long addiction to heroin and how I finally achieved long-term sobriety. It’s the first book of its kind to be told by both the addict and the family perspective in a single book.

I also collaborated with some other sober writers on a book called “Hearts and Scars” which are brief excerpts from a handful of now sober, ex drug/alcohol users.

I am currently working on a second memoir that will be a “Book 2” of “A Walk in His Shoes”. After reading my own memoir and working along side a brilliant therapist, I came to realize there is another perspective, a deeper dynamic – to my family story. A secret so deep in the unconscious mind, it’s shadow cannot be seen, and never talked about. It blew my mind and I’m certain it will blow yours.

  1. I’m a new author. Tell me how to achieve my goal?

Jump into it with both feet. Give your goal 100% of your drive, passion and attention. Don’t be around people who doubt you or your goals. If you are around people who don’t believe in you and your goals, you will absolutely fail. You can only be as successful as the least successful around you. Life is a continuation of failure in perpetuity. Failure is inevitable in life. When you fail at your goal, don’t stop. Push harder. Be consistent. Consistency separates yesterday’s failure from today’s achievement. Don’t have a plan “B”. Plan “B” is just an easy way to allow yourself to fail – a back door escape. Plan “B” will not fix that anxiety.

  1. Is there anyone who has influenced your writing?

Ayn Rand was the Russian goddess of writing and reason. She was absolutely brilliant in thought, reason, writing and story telling. She was an inspiration who pushed the boundaries of human thought and achievement.

  1. What makes you sit down and want to share your stories?

Surviving homelessness, addiction to IV drug use, long prison sentences, and many near death experiences due to my addiction, I knew I needed to tell my story and share my knowledge that was painstakingly acquired through years of sorrow, hurt and experience. Helping others not make the same mistakes is essential to my well being and my recovery.

  1. If you could be a character from one of your favourite novels, who would it be, and why?

I would be Hank Rearden from Atlas Shrugged. He was a self-made man who was consistent and had unshakable moral principles. Unlike batman or superman who could only become heroic by an impossible act of nature or radiation, (which all heroism is portrayed), Hank is the true portrayal of heroism.


Thanks Dustin. An inspirational interview to accompany your inspirational book. Check back soon for more author interviews.


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