The Sister, a review


I purchased this book after spotting the striking cover on the internet. After reading the blurb I decided that this book was right up my street. I won’t spoil the story for would be readers, giving away too much of the plot for you.. My review is based on how the book made me feel. First off, it’s incredibly well written. The author has a real knack for conveying human emotion, to the point where my eyes were misting over reading the unfolding yarn. Little things, like a character kicking the bottom of the door because it always sticks just added to the descriptive narrative that Jensen paints. It’s not a happy story. In fact, as the pages turn, dark clouds loom over The Sister. It’s not scary in a ‘jump out of your skin’ sense. However, cold dread seems to ooze from the book as one nightmare rolls into another. The twist at the end is a real bolt of lightening, bringing all the loose ends together from a story told in the here and now, along with the past.


I cannot wait to read more from Jensen. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who likes well crafted, darkening thrillers.  Or to anyone who just loves books.




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