Father Of Lies review


It’s not often that I get to read a good English horror book. That however, has changed as I’ve stumbled across the dark world of Sarah E England. Looking at a picture of her, on a comfy sofa in a bright and airy lounge, you’d think she’d be writing something a bit more fluffy. A nice rom-com maybe, or a period drama. Nothing could be further from the truth. The world which she has created is dark, dank, and downright chilling. Being the age I am, I am able to draw similarities between her work and things from my youth. Don’t get me wrong. This is all her own work, original too. However, there are parts of the book which reminded of great horror from the past. The Omen, American Werewolf in London, even the League Of Gentlemen, all flashed into my mind whilst reading Father Of Lies.

The horror aspects of the book are chilling and disturbing, not relying on bloodshed and gore. The chills are more subtle, played out expertly by a skilled writer.

I’m eager to read the next installments, Tanners Dell and Magda. If you’re looking for a great horror story as the nights draw in, check out Sarah E England. I did. And I think she’s worthy of 5 stars.



A Darkly Disturbing Occult Horror Novel Ruby is the most violently disturbed patient ever admitted to Drummersgate Asylum, high on the bleak moors of northern England. After two years with no improvement in her condition, Dr. Jack McGowan eventually decides to hypnotise her. With terrifying consequences. A horrific dark force is now unleashed on the entire medical team, as each in turn attempts to unlock Ruby’s shocking and sinister past. Who is this girl? And how did she manage to survive such evil? Set in a desolate ex-mining village, where secrets are tightly kept and incomers hounded out, their questions soon lead to a haunted mill…the heart of darkness…and The Father of Lies. Sleep tight!



Thrown To The Blue, by K.J Chapman


Well it’s Friday, so let’s share some exciting book news. My friend and author K.J Chapman has released another fabulous looking book. Hot on the heels of her gritty, dark, yet captivating Evo Nation Series, K.J has changed tack somewhat, spreading her wings with a fantasy based novel. I have been fortunate enough to read her work, and know that this will be another great success. I look forward to turning the pages of Thrown To The Blue…..


Foretellings have no place for goodness, only greatness. Princess Ezrahli is far from good, but she is a great woman in a conventional Kingdom, followed by whispers and scorn. However, across the waters is un-convention, magic, and fable. Her existence has been foretold in the battle against dark magic, and destiny shall weave itself into her life because darkness cannot be fought with goodness, only greatness.

Smuggling and sorcery leads to adventure, and adventure leads to destiny. Reed is a prince of the streets, but what he lacks in title, he makes up for in skill; a skill that sets him on a path already written in fate. Can he be more than what is expected? Can he enable greatness in another and survive the process?

Vengeance is a motivator, but it can never be your friend. In the end, it will ask for sacrifice, and only the great will pay the fare.

Early reviews:

From the first page this book doesn’t just capture and enthral you, it grabs you and drags you hell for leather through a world so utterly captivating with characters who are not just convincing and believable but who you can’t help but relate to and love! Even the ones you actually want to hate! Lol
This book is all-consuming and is an absolute must read for anyone who values top notch reading experiences. So lock your door, hold onto your pants and get ready for one hell of a ride!
Loved it! I’m a big fan of this authors work, not disappointed with this book at all, I was hooked from the first chapter!
Check out this new release, along with her other work:

The Ticket by Heather Grace Stewart, my review…..

When I started reading The Ticket, I thought it would be an enjoyable tale. It starts off with Allie, recently divorced, having a tough time. She meets Pete by chance. The story opens up into a funny romantic comedy, with both characters growing as the pages turn. I won’t spoil the plot, suffice to say that lots of stuff gets thrown into the mix.

Allie is a great character. Forty-ish, blond, good looking and feisty. The author brings her to life effortlessly, giving her license to have fun, with a few tears too.

Pete is the lovable Irishman, not just there to make up the numbers. All the characters are well crafted.

The locations in the book, of which there are many, are wonderfully depicted. From New York to Bangkok, you are transported with the characters as they head off on an adventure to end all adventures.

An extremely enjoyable book that I really connected with. fabulously written. Funny, smart, and emotionally charged. It is well worth reading. I shall be checking out more books from this talented writer.

Check out her links below. You really should!