The Ticket by Heather Grace Stewart, my review…..

When I started reading The Ticket, I thought it would be an enjoyable tale. It starts off with Allie, recently divorced, having a tough time. She meets Pete by chance. The story opens up into a funny romantic comedy, with both characters growing as the pages turn. I won’t spoil the plot, suffice to say that lots of stuff gets thrown into the mix.

Allie is a great character. Forty-ish, blond, good looking and feisty. The author brings her to life effortlessly, giving her license to have fun, with a few tears too.

Pete is the lovable Irishman, not just there to make up the numbers. All the characters are well crafted.

The locations in the book, of which there are many, are wonderfully depicted. From New York to Bangkok, you are transported with the characters as they head off on an adventure to end all adventures.

An extremely enjoyable book that I really connected with. fabulously written. Funny, smart, and emotionally charged. It is well worth reading. I shall be checking out more books from this talented writer.

Check out her links below. You really should!



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