Thrown To The Blue. My review

I started this book last year. However, Christmas and life got in the way for a few weeks. This is my first book review of 2017. And what a way to kick start the year.


I’d previously read another of the author’s books, curious to see how she would switch genres. I was amazed. KJ Chapman has created a fantasy world on a par with Game of Thrones, intricately detailed. The main protagonists , Ezra and Reed are thrown together by murder and betrayal. Reed is a great character. The shadowy archer who saves Ezra, only to fall for her.

The story moves along easily, moving from land to land. Covens and murky sects litter their pathway, leaving the reader wondering who to trust.
The detail at which the story unfolds is staggering. It’s not just the characters that are described, Chapman has created legends and history from her imagination that pull you deeper and deeper into the book.
Characters die, brutally despatched in various ways. I found the language used in the book warm and oldé worldé. You can see the amount of work needed to create this rich tapestry of storytelling.
The ending was unexpected, leaving me wanting more. I wasn’t disappointed though, feeling that more is to come.
If you like fantasy, mixed with love, mystery, and betrayal – this is a book you must read.
Fabulous stuff
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