The Aurora Stone, by Alana Grieg

An Elvish girl with changeable eyes will lose her family through the void. Three companions she will travel with. They will be identified by their gems. To get back what was lost, the Aurora stone must return to its home. In no more than a year and four days must this quest be completed, or the realms will be pulled into the void and lost.” 
An ancient prophecy, a special gift and an epic adventure awaited Evangeline of Hermoria. On her 18th birthday Eve’s whole world is turned upside down. Learning of her long-lost twin brother and the prophecy, she alone must fulfil. Eve sets out on the adventure of a lifetime. Battles are fought and friendships made, as Eve journeys through the realms of Orea.
All the while a great evil is on her tail. It’s aim? To stop the prophecy coming to pass at any cost!
Will Eve fulfil the prophecy and save all of Orea from the void?
Will she ever find her twin brother?
One thing Eve knows for sure, she will fight to the death and beyond to save her friends, and all that she holds dear.
After all darkness cannot survive where there is light.

My review:


I read this book after being drawn in by the cover. It tells the story of a young elf, who must fulfil a prophecy, starting on her 18th birthday. What follows is a quest of darkness against light.

The author does so well, painting a wonderful picture of fantastic realms, intricately detailed. The supporting characters are not just there to make up the numbers. There is depth to them, which the author does well to embellish. Caleb is particularly good. Flawed, yet worthy.

This book would really appeal to the YA market. But not just that. It will appeal to many other readers, who want to become lost in a tale of evil versus good. There is darkness and plenty of action, some of it bloody. However, the story is told with a real gentleness. The author draws you into her world, and worlds beyond.

A great debut, from an author who hopefully has more stories to come.